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NJ Locksmith is your trusted locksmiths with years of experience and known as the rekeying experts, simply because we seldom have to replace a lock, saving our customers their hard earned money.  Provided your lock is in good condition, we can take apart your existing lock barrel and change the pins within the lock, offering a new security lock and key.  We only use the highest grade blank keys, so your new key profile is not only safe it is also top rate.

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Rekey Services 

When rekeying a lock, the locksmith simply takes the inside pins of wafers out of the lock cylinder or barrel and sequences them with a new set of pins of wafers.  The locksmith will then make a new key for the lock, and any previous keys will not work in the lock.   It is much like recoding the lock to fit a new custom made key.  The option is one that is much cheaper than replacing existing locks, and a service that all qualified locksmiths should be able to perform.

NJ Locksmith offers rekey services that include:

  • Rekeying a broken lock
  • Lock Rekeys
  • Emergency rekeys locksmiths
  • New keys cut
  • Home locks
  • Car locks
  • Office locks
  • Apartment locks
  • Breakin, burglary rekey

Emergency Key Locksmiths Services Sydney 

No property owner is in a good situation when they’ve lost their keys, or they have been stolen.  The time to upgrade your security is when you have keys that you don’t know who has gotten their hands on them.  NJ Locksmith offers rekeying services that are fast and affordable and offer property owners the peace of mind that their property is once again secure.

We don’t charge an arm and a leg for our mobile locksmiths to travel to your location to rekey your lock.  We’ve been in the industry for years, and have vehicles stationed throughout Sydney, that not only respond fast but also offer affordable rates without dismissing quality.  Our locksmiths only use the highest grade blank keys to cut your new key and guarantee their workmanship 100 percent.

What Locks Can I Rekey? 

Most locks can be sequenced for a new key, changing the lock and key to a new lock and key without replacement.  At NJ’s, we rekey front door locks, door knobs, sliding glass door, entrance set, dead bolt, dead latch, deadlock, garage lock, window lock, security scree doors, fly screen mesh lock, swimming pool gates, gate locks, patio bolts, car doors, car ignitions, car boot lock, truck locks, glove box, padlocks, tool box, shop locks, commercial door locks, apartments, storage units, villa locks, home locks, residential locks, townhouses, filing cabinets and more.

Why Choose Us? 

The number one reason to choose NJ’s is to have the best security expert that offers fast services at affordable rates.  We are a fully licensed, bonded and insured locksmith that doesn’t waste our customers’ time.  We guarantee to arrive on time and ready to service you with your specific security needs.

At NJ’s you will know the price of your final bill before we start to perform the work as we guarantee a fixed price for your service.  You also have the satisfaction of knowing that we stand behind our workmanship 100 percent.

We are your trusted Locksmiths in Sydney that won’t let you down.

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24 Hrs Emergency, Mobile Locksmith
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